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Emma Thompson

This week’s hottie is another wonderful and talented actress, the enchanting Emma Thompson.

She was born in London in 1959, daughter of actors Eric Thompson and Phyllida Law. With that heritage it is no wonder she ventured into the world of acting herself. She went to Cambridge with fellow Vili Flik hottie Stephen Fry and the lovely Hugh Laurie (a probable future hottie…) and the glorious trio were all in the prestigious comedy troupe the Footlights together.

Emma has won two Oscars: one for best actress for her performance in Howards End (1992), and another for best screenplay for her adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility (1995). She has also won multiple Baftas (the British equivalent of the Oscars, for those who are not familiar with this one), including several best actress awards for her work in films as well as television. As a recipient for both best actress and best writer awards, she has proven her intellectual capacity as well as her wonderful talent as an actress – a true Vili Flik hottie! Not to mention the fact that she is indeed very pretty. And hilarious! An example: her acceptance speech for her best screenplay Golden Globe award for Sense & Sensibility:

So far, she has 53 titles to her acting resymé on imdb, and 11 credited titles for writing. Not bad for a woman who is in her early fifties (and who still looks as gorgeous as ever)! This wonderfully talented woman can be seen in such brilliant films as Howards End, Peter’s Friends (1992), Much Ado About Nothing (1993), The Remains of the Day (1993), Sense & Sensibility, The Winter Guest (1997) (where she starred alongside her mother, and which was directed by frequent co-star Alan Rickman), Love Actually (2003), the Harry Potter-films (2001-11), and An Education (2009) among many others.

Sense & Sensibility
Harry Potter

Emma has a daughter and an adopted son – a 16-year-old Rwandan refugee who they adopted to stop him from being deported – with actor Greg Wise.

Clever, funny, beautiful and talented, in addition to seeming like a really interesting and kind person, Emma Thompson is truly a hottie, and as such, deserves her place in our hall of fame. And again, I will leave you with a Vili Flik favourite, which we’ve featured a few times before. However, this cannot be seen to often! Oh yes, it’s the Footlights sketch with Emma and Stephen! Enjoy its gloriousness and fentestical fentesticality!

Love, Mari


Posh Girl Vintage

For this Wednesday Vintage I would like to draw your attention to one of the internet’s most wonderful vintage webstore’s: Posh Girl Vintage. This is a family owned store run by people with a passion for quality vintage clothing.

To quote their webpage:  “After shopping on-line myself for vintage clothing I realized what I wanted was not on the web. I found either dirty thrift store quality clothes with really poorly designed websites, or really expensive museum quality clothing. So I set out to build Posh Girl Vintage clothing store. My goal was to build an on-line store that was modern & easy to use with clear pretty photos &, of course, to sell great unique wearable quality vintage clothing, designer clothing, & accessories at a fair price… neither too cheap, nor too expensive. I have a bit of an obsession with really pretty vintage dresses, especially informal vintage wedding dresses so my site reflects that. We sell vintage clothing from the 1920’s to the 1970’s, and a few pieces from the 80’s that are really cute. The 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s are our favorite decades! Formal & cocktail gowns, and vintage prom dresses are also our specialty.”

Sounds pretty good, non?

You can find the store here:

And here is a collection of what they have to offer:

Love, Elin

Vili Flik Design

Dress: Decadence Design by Mari Elise Baustad


Donna Karan

Today’s designer is an American woman, Donna Karan (1948), creator of both Donna Karan New York and DKNY clothing lines. Imagine that? Having two labels. Oh, one day, I tell you… But until that day, (and further on) let’s all enjoy the dazzling beauty Donna Karan shares with the world.

Donna Karan launched her first label in the glorious year of 1985 (one of the greatest years the world has hitherto seen), after having worked as an assistant designer for Anne Klein since the 1960s.

Donna Karan’s expressed desire for her excellent design is to mix comfort with luxe and the practical with the desirable. And the names of her labels make quite obvious, she is also inspired by the city of New York .

Donna Karan is also very taken with accessories (as are we all), which is basically “Everything you need to pull yourself together.” Here’s a few examples.

gotta have the tights

shoes - the most important part of you

a purse for the book we always tell you to bring

And the list goes on – accessorize people!

Anyway, I want more clothes, and I’m assuming that so do you. So let’s have a looksie, shall we?

Splendidness indeed.

Love, Hanna

Edward Scissorhands

This Friday’s film suggestion is an oldie but goodie. You might have noticed that we here at Vili Flik have a healthy obsession with Johnny Depp, and today is no exception. So for tonight’s entertainment I recommend that you watch Edward Scissorhands (1990).

The story goes like this: Peg makes her living selling make up door-to-door in a pastel suburbia. Finding no good costumers in town she figures that the reclusive, old castle up on the hill might inhabit someone with a need for make-up. It turns out that the castle’s only inhabitant, Edward Scissorhands, is in need of a lot more than make-up. Peg brings him home, idealistically believing that she will be able to give him a family. This will turn out to be a bad idea. As the name implies, Edward has scissors for hands, and is as such a marvelous sculptor-maker and hairdresser. However, he has no social skills and this will ultimately lead to a tragic ending.

The film is wonderfully sweet and sad and Burtonesque, and absolutely a must-see for anyone who haven’t yet done so!

Love, Elin

Diana Vreeland

Hello most scrumptous of readers! Today’s hottie is a very fashionable one, the ever-awesome Diana Vreeland (1903-89).

The marvelous Vreeland spent her career in fashion, first working for Harper’s Bazaar from 1937-62, then as editor-in-chief for the glorious Vogue from 1963-71, and finally as a consultant for the Costume Institute of the Metropolian Museum of Art from 1971-84. All of which, jobs I’d (almost) kill to have.

Of course, spending a career in fashion demands that you’ll be well-dressed. Not a problem for Diana.

Diana Vreeland, like us at Vili Flik, adored the 60s. Lucky for her, she actually got to experience them (at Vogue nonetheless) and said that for her the awesomeness of the sixties was that it celebrated uniqueness. We like uniqueness.

Did you know that if it wasn’t for this genius we may not have had the glorious Oscar de la Renta? She told him to stop working for others and start on his own instead. What a great advice – and luckily he took it!

mmmm, pretty Oscar de la Renta

Before she died, this awesomely stylish and brilliant lady found time to write her autobiography, D.V. – a must read for everyone interested in fashion, and a brilliant, interesting tale of life among the great dressers in the world. Before you run to amazon to buy a copy, I shall leave you with some Diana Vreeland wisdom:

Love, Hanna


Here at Vili Flik, we are eagerly awaiting spring and the chance to wear the shoes and dresses we love – something that can be hard to do when it’s cold and windy, and the streets are covered with ice. High heels and ice are a combination only to be attempted by the exceedingly brave. Or impossibly stupid. Spring also has the added benefit of allowing us to wear wonderful thin tights without freezing our lovely behinds off. And tights can be an amazing accessory to any scrumptious outfit.

Gorgeous, but a bit too cold for winter and freezing winds

Tights have been around for centuries, but they were originally a garment for the male population.


As demonstrated here

We’re kind of glad that trend has passed…


…or has it..?

Tights for women only became popular in the 20th century when women could finally show some leg – and the invention of nylon in 1939 meant that prices fell and tights, or usually stockings, became a must for every woman.The lovely and sexy stockings with seams down the back probably stem from this time, as each stocking had to be sown together – they were not made seamlessly the way they are now. This became such a staple look that, as I’m sure we’ve all heard, during the war, when nylon was used for more practical, war-like things than women’s fashion (as if something could ever be more important than that!), women often drew a stripe down their leg to imitate tights.


Like this. Only drawn on.

The seamless look came later, when the technique with which to make it had been perfected.

In the 1960s, lycra was added to the fabric, which made it stretchy and more comfortable to wear. It was also about this time that tights took over much of the market from stockings. And from then on, tights have come in all shapes and patterns. Let’s take a look at some lovely ones, shall we!


Fancy tights
Flowery tights
Flower power tights (I want these!)
Elin’s peacock tights
Polka dots!
…and more polka dots!
Lovely, Burtonesque emo-skull-tights
…and, don’t tell me you weren’t expecting this: TARTAN!

Love, Mari