You're not in Kansas anymore…

Kate Winslet

This week’s hottie is the wonderful English actress Kate Elizabeth Winslet (1975- ).

At the age of 12 Winslet starred in a commercial for Coco Puffs, and she later got a role in a children’s series called Dark Season. She comes from a family filled with actors so there is no wonder her brilliant career began so early. Her talent was obvious from the start and she has received multiple awards and nominations.

Some of her amazing acting can be seen in

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind – with Jim Carrey


Hamlet – with Kenneth Branagh


The Reader


Revolutionary Road


Romance and Cigarettes


Sense and Sensibility – with Emma Thompson

Not only is Kate Winslet very talented, she is also very cool. One of the things she’s been criticized for over the years is her weight (because, as everyone can see, she’s, like, so fat!), but she refuses to let the unrealistic standards in Hollywood dictate her appearance. She believes that women should be proud of the way they look no matter size. Cudos to her!

Here are some more  lovely photos:

Love, Elin


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