You're not in Kansas anymore…

Living Lars

So, this Monday I would like to present to you the brand new music video for the song Far Away, by Living Lars (my baby brother, yes I’m quite proud of him):

Not only is Living Lars (Lars Erik Fjøsne) my brother, he is also a Norwegian music producer, working with several people, including an upcoming norwegian rap group. His musical experiences varies from Techno to movie scores. He is focusing on house-tracks at the moment and is working solo as well as a duo with his American budd “Brian Hardisty”. Together they’re known as “BLARSA”. Living Lars has currently entered the stage as a new and fresh DJ, and is expected to grow on that area as well as on the production part. For the past years he has also done russemusic for several buses like “Olympen, Madhouse, Entertainer and Barnslig”, stretching from 2006 to present and is still going strong (This is quoted shamelessly from his facebook).

You can find out more about him here:

Enjoy the music:)

Love, Elin


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