You're not in Kansas anymore…

Edward Scissorhands

This Friday’s film suggestion is an oldie but goodie. You might have noticed that we here at Vili Flik have a healthy obsession with Johnny Depp, and today is no exception. So for tonight’s entertainment I recommend that you watch Edward Scissorhands (1990).

The story goes like this: Peg makes her living selling make up door-to-door in a pastel suburbia. Finding no good costumers in town she figures that the reclusive, old castle up on the hill might inhabit someone with a need for make-up. It turns out that the castle’s only inhabitant, Edward Scissorhands, is in need of a lot more than make-up. Peg brings him home, idealistically believing that she will be able to give him a family. This will turn out to be a bad idea. As the name implies, Edward has scissors for hands, and is as such a marvelous sculptor-maker and hairdresser. However, he has no social skills and this will ultimately lead to a tragic ending.

The film is wonderfully sweet and sad and Burtonesque, and absolutely a must-see for anyone who haven’t yet done so!

Love, Elin


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