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Diana Vreeland

Hello most scrumptous of readers! Today’s hottie is a very fashionable one, the ever-awesome Diana Vreeland (1903-89).

The marvelous Vreeland spent her career in fashion, first working for Harper’s Bazaar from 1937-62, then as editor-in-chief for the glorious Vogue from 1963-71, and finally as a consultant for the Costume Institute of the Metropolian Museum of Art from 1971-84. All of which, jobs I’d (almost) kill to have.

Of course, spending a career in fashion demands that you’ll be well-dressed. Not a problem for Diana.

Diana Vreeland, like us at Vili Flik, adored the 60s. Lucky for her, she actually got to experience them (at Vogue nonetheless) and said that for her the awesomeness of the sixties was that it celebrated uniqueness. We like uniqueness.

Did you know that if it wasn’t for this genius we may not have had the glorious Oscar de la Renta? She told him to stop working for others and start on his own instead. What a great advice – and luckily he took it!

mmmm, pretty Oscar de la Renta

Before she died, this awesomely stylish and brilliant lady found time to write her autobiography, D.V. – a must read for everyone interested in fashion, and a brilliant, interesting tale of life among the great dressers in the world. Before you run to amazon to buy a copy, I shall leave you with some Diana Vreeland wisdom:

Love, Hanna


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