You're not in Kansas anymore…


Here at Vili Flik, we are eagerly awaiting spring and the chance to wear the shoes and dresses we love – something that can be hard to do when it’s cold and windy, and the streets are covered with ice. High heels and ice are a combination only to be attempted by the exceedingly brave. Or impossibly stupid. Spring also has the added benefit of allowing us to wear wonderful thin tights without freezing our lovely behinds off. And tights can be an amazing accessory to any scrumptious outfit.

Gorgeous, but a bit too cold for winter and freezing winds

Tights have been around for centuries, but they were originally a garment for the male population.


As demonstrated here

We’re kind of glad that trend has passed…


…or has it..?

Tights for women only became popular in the 20th century when women could finally show some leg – and the invention of nylon in 1939 meant that prices fell and tights, or usually stockings, became a must for every woman.The lovely and sexy stockings with seams down the back probably stem from this time, as each stocking had to be sown together – they were not made seamlessly the way they are now. This became such a staple look that, as I’m sure we’ve all heard, during the war, when nylon was used for more practical, war-like things than women’s fashion (as if something could ever be more important than that!), women often drew a stripe down their leg to imitate tights.


Like this. Only drawn on.

The seamless look came later, when the technique with which to make it had been perfected.

In the 1960s, lycra was added to the fabric, which made it stretchy and more comfortable to wear. It was also about this time that tights took over much of the market from stockings. And from then on, tights have come in all shapes and patterns. Let’s take a look at some lovely ones, shall we!


Fancy tights
Flowery tights
Flower power tights (I want these!)
Elin’s peacock tights
Polka dots!
…and more polka dots!
Lovely, Burtonesque emo-skull-tights
…and, don’t tell me you weren’t expecting this: TARTAN!

Love, Mari


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