You're not in Kansas anymore…

Which Path to Choose

Dear Ancient Ninja

I luckily have been placed with many talents that lie among my many interests. Due to financial responsibilities (having dependants) and time constraints (having dependants), it is imperative I channel my energy in one field for my income and available time to be the best they can be.

Do I take the career path that has always been a favoured past time that seems to promise good money, a clear schedule, reliability and attainable clients
do I take the route of pure passion and motivation and nose to the grindstone explore my ideas to make great money at it and change the world into a better place?

Thank you wise one for your consideration

Dear KB-san,

Ancient Ninja happy for your question. Ancient Ninja understand problem. And Ancient Ninja will try to help.

Ancient Ninja do not believe in money – for him it is strange concept that cannot exist in reality, a conspiracy of banks and stock brokers. (Ed. Note: Mind you, the Ancient Ninja does not believe in Okinawa either, and says that it is “surely a conspiracy of cartographers”, a line he picked up from some play or other, so he may not be entirely trustworthy when it comes to reality. Gives great advice though! ) Ancient Ninja do not believe in dependants either – every man who walk this earth is responsible for himself and cannot put it on others. However, one can choose to help others when one want. Ancient Ninja therefore recommend that KB-san follow dream – do not do a job you do not feel passion for to help others. If your other career may make world better place and make you happy, that is the path you must choose. If you then also make money for self and “dependants”, that is good thing, but not imperative (thank you KB – you teach Ancient Ninja new word!). It may be hard time at first, but it is good in end. And if you are happy in job then you are happy at home and then dependants will be happy that you are happy and all will be happy and good. Happiness is the true richness. Not non-existent money-concept.

You are not your job

You are not your dependants

Go get them tiger


You must be happy

To make others be happy

Choose the path you want


Oracly yours,

Ancient Ninja


2 responses

  1. kb

    I have mulled this over while in a contemplative state the last couple weeks. Reading your letter a second time after this time of deep thought, I hear your wisdom twice as clear.

    I kick ass, why would I not follow my thoughts to fruition! Do you know this phrase kick ass? It’s equivalent to going full force like a courageous and free tiger.

    Thank you Ancient Ninja, you’ve brought clarity where there was fear.

    March 23, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    • Ancient Ninja happy to help. And happy that KB-san now go full force like courageous and free tiger who kick ass! That is how Ancient Ninja like his people.

      March 25, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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