You're not in Kansas anymore…

Mary and Max

Mary Daisy Dinkle is eight years old and lives together with her alcoholic parents and her pet rooster in the suburbs of Melbourne. One day she decides to write to an American to find out where babies come from over there (in Australia they are found at the bottom of beer glasses), and she picks out a name from a phonebook: Max Jerry Horovitz. Max is forty-four years old, severely over-weight and diagnosed with Asberger’s Syndrome. A twenty years-long  friendship is about to begin.

Mary and Max (2009) is an animated film written and directed by Adam Eliot, and with the voices of Toni Colette (Mary) and Philip Seymour Hoffman (Max). The colors are mainly grayscale and sepia with a few splashes of bright red, matching the mood of the story. The film is sweet, funny, sad, heartbreaking and absolutely wonderful. I really, really recommend it to everyone! Note: this is not a film for children, even if it is animated.  

If you’re watching one film to night, I suggest it be Mary and Max.

Love, Elin


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