You're not in Kansas anymore…


Yes, we have finally reached March, the first official month of spring, and what better way to celebrate than to start planning this year’s beach outfits?

Now, as you may have noticed, we here at Vili Flik tend to prefer the aesthetics of the good old days. Things seemed to have a bit more class and elegance back then, while still being sexy/glamorous/alluring or however you wish to be perceived. This is true also for swimwear, which is the topic of today’s vintage.

Way back when, or at least up until the mid-1600s people usually swam in the nude, then they realized how indecent this was and opted for the complete opposite: full body coverage.

As time went by, the garments shrunk and became more figure-hugging, (something that opened up for glamour-photography. Isn’t it lovely how everything is connected?) and resulted in the itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikinis we see by the poolside today. By the way, did you know that the bikini is named after Bikini Atoll, a site for several nuclear weapon tests, because of their alleged explosive effect on the viewer?

I give you: Miss Atomic Bomb, 1957

But enough talk! Let’s look at the goodies:

The number one accessory to the swimsuit is of course the swim cap. Here are some classics:

Looking forward to summer? Well, then let me draw your attention to the walk of shame that is men’s swimwear:

If this didn’t make you long for summer, I don’t know what will.

Love, Elin


2 responses

  1. Annette

    Men in a tiny fraction of a swimwear, mmm, thats how we like it, ey.. He shall have the honor of trying to get past my full body coverage(armour) any time!

    March 2, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    • Really? Is that really how we like it..? Why, my dear lady, I do believe I prefer gentlemen who attempt to cover themselves up – who show some modesty. We are, after all, hardly animals nor animalistic in any way! In high society it is preferable to leave certain aspects of one’s physical attributes to be contemplated in the privacy of one’s own imagination – not brandish them around like a common lothario. This is, however, my opinion, and your low mind might prefer other options. I am certainly pleased to learn that you yourself do not leave the house without the ladylike protection of a full body armour. It gives me hope for future generations – something reality television had all but taken from me.

      – Mari

      March 2, 2011 at 8:46 pm

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