You're not in Kansas anymore…

Anna Sui

Anna Sui (1964) is an American designer, known for scrumptous, vivid and colorful clothes. No wonder we love her!

Seriously, if you do not already know and love Anna Sui, this post will make you a believer! And that’s not due to my awesome blogging skills, oh no, it’s due to the meretricious and fun and fabulous look that Anna Sui gives the world.

A phrase Anna Sui taught me: Genius Files. The Genius Files are the files Anna Sui made from early childhood, cutting out awesome photos from fashion magazines, and gluing them into books. She still uses the Genius Files for inspiration. So all that cutting and gluing stuff you did in kindergarden may actually serve to give you a glorificius career.

Anna Sui’s career began with her sitting at home in her apartment, designing and making clothes, which she eventually sold to Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. In 1991 she presented her first runway show to raging success, and since then? Well, since then it’s all been fantastically fantastic.

Colorful and fun and glorious everyday clothing. What’s not to like?

Love? Love.

Love, Hanna


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