You're not in Kansas anymore…

Psychedelic Sixties

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry that I missed yesterday’s Designer Day – our internet died. I promise you a fantabulous Designer Day next week though.

However, today for Vintage: Psychedelic sixties – crazy patterns, crazy colors. What’s not to love and worship and adore?

The psychedelic sixties were all about the rulebreaking (which we applaud and encourage) in every way from music to fashion. Boundaries were jumped over in literature and art – and thus ensuring greatness that we can still enjoy. Lovely.

Enough talk. It’s picture time.

Now this is what I call a car! I want one… and Janis Joplin really doesn’t need hers anymore…

Fantastically fantastic, don’t you think? Pattern and color – that’s what we need.

Love, Hanna


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