You're not in Kansas anymore…


The winters here up north can be long and dark, and that is why it is so important to watch films that are filled with color, sunshine, happiness and music. And a perfect example of this kind of film is the musical Hairspray (2007).

Unlike the original film from 1988, this version is a based on the musical based on the original film (yep, it’s complicated), and therefore has a more simplified approach to the whole equal rights movement, instead choosing to focus on singing and dancing and pretty dresses. And it is a choice we approve of.

The story goes like this: Tracy Turnblad, a plump high school girl, is madly in love with Link, the lead dancer and hunkiest hunk of the Corny Collins’ show. Her biggest dream comes true when she gets to join the show, however one of its producers, the skinny and evil Velma Von Tussle, does not approve of showing fat people on TV. She also does not approve of mixing colors, so it does not make things better when Tracy befriends the African-American kids on the show and joins a peace march for equal rights. A new age is dawning on America, will Baltimore be ready?

The cast include Christopher Walken, John Travolta (as Tracy’s mum!), Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Hairspray is a real feelgood film. The music is good, the songs are catchy, the clothes are pretty and the characters are loveable. If you want to treat yourself this weekend, Hairspray is the way to go.

Love, Elin


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