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Giorgio Armani

We’re moving from Venezuela and back to Italy for this week’s designer day, and will be looking at the fabulousness that is Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani (1934) is probably most known for designing classy menswear. But don’t let that reputation scare you away, and so loose out on the great goodiness which is Armani for women. My, my.

The fashion company Armani was formed in 1975, and in 2001 Armani was proclaimed to be the most successful designer to come out of Italy. Now that’s something, cause, if you’ve done your homework, you know that quite a lot of stupendous designer have come out of Italy.

Cool fact that makes us love Armani even more: he was the first designer to ban models who had a body mass index under 18, after a model starved herself to death. Respect.

Armani has also designed costumes for over 100 films – but of those, the most notably might be the made-to-measure suits for the Batman that is Christian Bale.

Me likey.

Armani often use elements of masculine tailoring for his women’s wear. His clothes are often simple and straightlined with a sense of control, and little fuss. This makes for an oh so clean and classy look.

As so very often before, I do want some more color, but make no mistake: I love these dresses, and would be happy to wear each and every one of them. Happy? I meant to say ecstatic.

Love, Hanna


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