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Yuletide Caroling

Christmas is upon us, and since Elin already took the time to give you a little bit of a creepy Christmas feeling, I will now venture to give you a vintage Christmas. And so I picked out the concept of Yuletide Caroling. Does anyone still do that by the way? To me, the concept seems vintage indeed. In my close to 25 years on this earth I have not once had an encounter with a Yuletide caroler, nor their Norwegian close to equivalent: julebukk.

Obviously, people do still Yuletide carol. I googled the concept, and several organized Yuletide caroling groups appeard. Isn’t a bit like cheating, though, being an organized Yuletide caroler? I mean, half the charm (I would imagine) is being forced to listen to the random selection of people singing slightly off key outside your door. No? Am I wrong?

Yuletide caroling is, as it turns out, very vintage though. The first record of someone walking around singing outside other people’s homes is from England in 1426 – where so-called wassailers went from house to house singing. They didn’t do it just at Christmas time though, no, to dust off their voices they started around harvest time, and could keep it going till Christmas. And the record shows a selection of 25 songs. Imagine being just a tiny bit sick of those come December, huh?

The tradition has lived a long life since 1426 – although luckily, in recent times people usually go caroling only once each year, if I have understood correctly.

The carolers would often sing for their supper, or maybe more likely some candy or cake or sometimes even money. In Norway the tradition of julebukk has been mostly about the free candy. (which doesn’t quite explain why I never did that).

What I seem to detect from looking at all these pictures of carol singers, though, is that there is a vast opportunity for wearing great clothes. I will look into this…

Will we at Vili Flik go Yuletide caroling? Probably not. Do we think you should? Indeed.

Have a marvelous pre-Christmas time and don’t stress yourself out! Hang out here instead 😉

Love, Hanna


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