You're not in Kansas anymore…


Yes, yes, I  know this week’s Hottie is fictional, but if you ever were to be murdered by a serial killer – wouldn’t you want Dexter to be the one? I mean, imagine this

being the last thing you see in this life. Not a bad way to go, is it?

For of those unconverted out there – Dexter is the main character in the TV series with the same name. He works for the Miami Police, and is also a serial killer. And a good one at that. However, he only kills with good reason – those he thinks society would be better off without; rapists, murderers, you know, all those nice people you probably have on your gift list for Christmas.

The first season of the series was based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, but now the series is just about independent from the book.

The show is well into its fifth season now, and it is still gloriously excellent. Dexter is played by (equally hot) Michael C. Hall, who luckily beat cancer earlier this year, and we will therefore still be able to enjoy his hotness on Dexter for many seasons to come.

That being said, do not, I repeat, do not go out and do something Dexter wouldn’t like in order to get his attention. If you’re as unlucky as us at this time of year, study for your exams and enjoy the photos.

Love, Hanna


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