You're not in Kansas anymore…

You are cordially invited…

…to a Cocktail Party.

In honour of Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr of St. Louis, we here at Vili Flik will have a cocktail party. For those of you not in the know, Mrs. Walsh was most likely the inventor of this particular party as she in 1917 invited 50 guests for a one hour affair, which may well have been the first cocktail party recorded.

It may, or may not, have looked something like this… Probably not though…

Another person credited with the invention of the cocktail party is Alec Waugh of London, but since he did not introduce the idea until 1924, we feel we must give the credit to Mrs. Walsh. Still, because we are feeling rather generous today, we may as well celebrate them both with our fantastically fantastic cocktail party!

Now, the party will not take place on any one physical location. It would be difficult at best to gather all our lovely readers in one place. However, we ask that you all throw your equally fantastic (we’re sure!) friends a cocktail party in the nearest future. After all, what is a cocktail party but a chance to wear amazing coctail dresses:

…and lovely cocktail hats:

…while drinking glorious cocktails?

I say, gather your glamourous gals and pals and throw them a good old, vintage cocktail party this weekend! It will be a nice break from the Christmassy stress which surrounds us, and a chance to dress up to the nines before Christmas itself.

Love, Mari


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