You're not in Kansas anymore…

Ancient Ninja Lives!

Dear Ancient Ninja!

Are you still alive? It has been so very long since you have graced us with your wonderful words of wisdom, and my fear is that you, because of your ancientness, have ceased to exist all together.
Please do not leave me murklins as to whether or not you still honour the world with your awsomeness!

Yours truly
Muriel Murklins

Dear In-The-Dark-san.

Ancient Ninja not dead. Ancient Ninja has been in sake-induced come for a while. Ancient Ninja now back. And will stay away from sake. For at least some time. Coma not good.


The cold fucking snow

Has worried Ancient Ninja

Slippery hills bad


But now, as you see

Ninja wisdom will prevail

Post questions here. Now!


Oracly yours,

Now awake Ancient Ninja.


One response

  1. kb

    Dear Ancient Ninja

    I luckily have been placed with many talents that lie among my many interests. Due to financial responsibilities (having dependants) and time constraints (having dependants), it is imperative I channel my energy in one field for my income and available time to be the best they can be.

    Do I take the career path that has always been a favoured past time that seems to promise good money, a clear schedule, reliability and attainable clients
    do I take the route of pure passion and motivation and nose to the grindstone explore my ideas to make great money at it and change the world into a better place?

    Thank you wise one for your consideration

    March 3, 2011 at 10:13 pm

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