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Chuck Palahniuk

As I am currently too wrapped up in my master’s thesis to really focus on anything else, today’s Hottie will be the author I am writing my thesis on: Chuck Palahniuk. He’s a very interesting, though disturbing, writer and not a bad looking man either.

Palahniuk was born in Washington in 1961. He is probably best known for his debut novel Fight Club, which was published in 1996, and the subsequent 1999 film directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and our earlier Hottie Helena Bonham-Carter.

Any excuse to post, really…

Since 1996, Palahniuk has published eleven novels and two non-fiction books. His works are usually classified as transgressive fiction, and he is often compared to authors such as Bret Easton Ellis, whose novel American Psycho has featured on this site before.

Oh, look! It’s creepy Santa!

Today, instead of the usual thousands-of-pictures-of-Hottie-thing, I shall post pictures of the covers of some of his books, which I then highly recommend that you run right out and buy!

Choke (2001)

Fight Club (1996)

Haunted (2005)

Lullaby (2002)

Suvivor (1999)

Snuff (2008)

Palahniuk’s novels are at once disturbing, disgusting, provocative, surreal, hilarious and thought-provoking. I strongly recommend checking him out, although he might not be for everyone…

“Read my stuff!”

I will leave you with a link to his infamous short story “Guts“, taken from Haunted. Be warned though: This is not an easy story to read, and I do not recommend reading while eating. (Vili Flik takes no responsibilities for ruined clothes resulting from reading this while enjoying a nice, chewy calimari…)

Enjoy your dinner!

Love, Mari.


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  1. I applaud your choice for your thesis and wish you the best of luck with it! I have just started getting into the works of Palahniuk and am currently reading Survivor, and I really enjoy it.

    November 19, 2010 at 12:34 pm

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