You're not in Kansas anymore…

Stephen Sondheim

Hello, Vili Flik’ers! I’m sorry about not giving you a Hottie yesterday, but I have a valid excuse – our internet connection was down! Bummer, I know. But, it will make this Friday even a better day, since you will get both a Hottie and a Feast from us today! My, my, what a way to start your weekend!

This week’s Hottie is not necessarily a man you’d normally associate with the word Hot – but he is so brilliant and good and fine, that I think he deserves the title neverhteless. Yes, we are talking about Stephen Sondheim, ladies and gentlemen.

Stephen Sondheim is an American composer and lyricist for theater and film. And a mighty good one at that. He has won an Academy Award, 8 Tony Awards, a whole bunch of Grammy’s and a Pulitzer Price. That’s not a bad accomplishment, even if you have had 80 years to do it. This man gave us the lyrics to a tiny little musical you may have heard of:

He has also composed and made lyrics for the musicals

and of course, my personal Sondheim favorite;

See, I managed to give you some Johnny Depp, as well. That’s never wrong. You’re welcome.

So, if you have no plans for the weekend – I suggest you run to buy some of the great candy Elin and Mari keep suggesting to you, and treat yourself to a Sondheim musical night. You won’t regret it.

Love, Hanna


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