You're not in Kansas anymore…

Jonathan Saunders

The designer for this Designer Day is relatively new to me – I discovered him during this fall’s London Fashion Week. And it was love at first sight, and at every sight after that. The name? Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders was born in 1977 and is a Scottish fashion designer. Only two days after he graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, he was picked up and given a job as a print designer for last week’s glorious designer Alexander McQueen.

Mr. Saunders has also worked as a consultant for Chloe and Pucci. He made his debut at London Fashion Week in 2003 and has continued to show there and in New York for the last seven years. And we hope he will continue to do so for many, many years to come – because he is absolutely fabulous!

Oh, and did I mention? The Sartorialist said that Jonathan Saunders’ show at London Fashion Week 2010 was the best he saw in London. And who are we humble Vili Flik’ers to argue with The Sartorialist? (Hail, hail).

And check out these amazing shoes!

Ah, I have a feeling my crush on Jonathan Saunders is going to be a long-lasting one.

Love, Hanna


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