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Cigarette Holders

First of all, dear Vili Flikers, I would like to say that Vili Flik does not at all encourage smoking. It is a bad habit that kills you and the people around you and forces you to spend your money on stuff that aren’t clothes. We at Vili Flik strongly discourage smoking.

That being said: what happened to the fabulous cigarette holders of yore? Cause if you absolutely must smoke (and have done so for years and was in no way influenced by this post), why not do it with class?

Cigarette holders, or quellazaire as the fancy term for them are, were an important fashion accessory for women in the time from 1910 to 1970. And why did they stop?

They used to be made of silver, jade or bakelite – but plastic has taken over most of the production.

Similar to evening gloves, there are rules for what kind of quellazaire are appropriate at different times:

opera length: usually 40-50 cm. long

As Holly Golightly illustrates several times in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, these long cigarette holders can be quite the fire hazzard – especially if mixed with alcohol.

theater length: usually 25-35 cm. long

dinner length: usually 10-15 cm. long

Quellazaires – makes a bad habit elegant and fabulous-looking! I’ll leave you with some more pictures. And remember: this is only for those of you who already smokes. The rest of us can find other awesome accessories.

Now, remember: do not smoke!

Love, Hanna, non-smoker and fan of the cigarette holders


2 responses

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  2. I think Cruella De Vil ruined it for everyone. That movie was made in the 1960’s. Coincidence!? I THINK NOT!

    December 5, 2012 at 7:32 am

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