You're not in Kansas anymore…

Non Stop

This week’s Friday Feast is a tribute to one of my favourite chocolates: Non Stop!

These circular sweets are made by Freia, a Norwegian chocolate company, and are made from dark chocolate with two thin layers of white and coloured chocolate. These goodies come in six bright colours: red, orange, yellow, brown, green and black. The different colours have different tastes: red tastes of raspberries, orange tastes of, well, oranges, yellow tastes of lemon, green tastes of apple and pineapple and the brown and black tastes of vanilla.

Mind you, these flavours are only vague; the main taste is the delicious dark chocolate at the center.

Non Stop makes good cake decoration and is yummie with ice cream. I recommend that you all go and buy some for the weekend.

Love, Elin


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