You're not in Kansas anymore…


Ok, so if you’re like me, coffee is not some much a weekend indulgence as an everyday indulgence. A strong cup of black coffee is the ultimate start to every morning, with or without breakfast. However, the regular black cup of Joe is not your only option for your daily caffeine kick. In our modern world, coffee comes in many different forms and tastes, and even if regular coffee is too bitter for you, there is bound to be some variety out there to suit your needs.

These actually look delicious on their own…

Regular coffee can be prepared in different ways, the most popular being the regular coffee maker, the French press and the professional espresso machine. Instant coffee which you dissolve in hot water is also an option, but frankly, I don’t think it’s a good one. Avoid it if you can!

Although my main preference is regular coffee, occasionally one likes to experiment. My first non-regular (non-alcoholic) coffee was the latte; strong espresso mixed with steamed milk (latte being the Italian word for milk). I admit, I often add some sort of flavouring syrup to my latte, such as Irish cream, amaretto or vanilla, but the latte is delicious on its own as well.


The café au lait is pretty similar to the latte as it consists of espresso and steamed or heated milk (café au lait means coffee with milk in French). As far as I’m concerned, the biggest difference between the two are the way they are served; the latte is often served in a tall glass while the café au lait is usually served in a china cup (but I’m sure some baristas will disagree with this statement).

The cappuccino is another favourite. Again, the ingredients are espresso and milk (I’m sensing a pattern here…) although this time you add both hot milk and steamed milk foam to the espresso. This particular caffeinated drink is often topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and is a yummy treat indeed.

Coffee can successfully be mixed with hot chocolate if you want something sweeter. You can mix it according to your own taste, whether you want it chocolaty or coffee-y (don’t think that’s really a word…).

The ultimate coffee treat for me (and the rest of Vili Flik) is the sweet chilli coffee at Dromedar coffee shop. It is the most glorious caffeine kick ever, consisting of coffee, chocolate and a pinch of chilli for that extra zing. If you’ve never tried it, do it today! It is truly amazing and can save any bad day.

If you are in a party mood, coffee can also be of assistance. One option is to mix your coffee with Bailey’s or a similar spirit, which is quite good, albeit quite sweet. (If you’re from Trøndelag, you’re also probably familiar with coffee mixed with less “official” spirits, but let’s not get into that now. That’s not so much an indulgence as a means to get drunk…) My personal favourite in the alcoholic coffee range however, is the Irish Coffee. Make some good, strong coffee, stir in brown sugar, pour in some (or a lot, depending on your personal taste) whisky and top it all with whipped cream. It is truly divine! My theory is that the Irish were too busy writing great literature to have time for both coffee, after-dinner drinks and desserts in the evening, so they decided to simply mix all the three together, and voila! the Irish Coffee was born. And then the Irish could spend their time writing literary masterpieces, which we can all appreciate.

So make yourself a nice cup of coffee, or run out to a coffee shop and treat yourself to a fancy barista coffee (again, sweet chilli is my recommendation). It’s Friday and time to feast!

Love, Mari


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