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Christian Dior

Today is all about lavacious extravaganca.

Today is all about Dior.


Christian Dior (1905 – 1957) was a French fashion designer who founded one of the world’s greatest fashion houses – Christian Dior. This man ruled the world of fashion after WW2 – with his new luxurious look of sumptous silhouettes and great skirts.

 For every Dior collection Mr. Dior followed the same recipe for success: 1/3 new, 1/3 adaptions of familiar looks and 1/3 proven classics.

After the death of Christian Dior in 1957 – guess who followed as head designer? Yves Saint Laurent! Not surprising that the house of Dior continued to pour out amazingness at every chance it got. But (luckily) Yves Saint Laurent got the chance to open his own fashion house, so he was followed by Marc Bohan who again led us up to today’s head designer for Christian Dior: John Galliano.





And now? At Paris Fashion Week this fall – John Galliano for Dior showed a collection for spring 2011 comprised of cuteness and inspired by a naval theme. Thus, Galliano took a step further in the military theme that has been in this season, and invited the navy to join the party. But New York Times journalist Cathy Horyn claims it is too tame for Dior, and to be honest (as one should be) I think I agree – more extravaganca, por favor, Dior!


Love, Hanna


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