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This week’s Flik is not a book, but a television series that everyone ought to see. The wonderful British comedy Spaced premiered on Channel 4 in 1999 and returned with a second series in 2001. Written by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, the show revolves around two people in their mid-twenties who rent a flat together under the pretence that they are a couple. The set up of the show is nothing new, but the rest of the show is something special indeed. The two main characters are Tim, an aspiring graphic artist who works at a comic book shop, and Daisy, a workshy writer who is a master at not getting any work done. In addition, we meet their alcoholic landlady Marsha Klein (Julia Deakin), their neighbour Brian (Mark Heap) who is an artist, Tim’s gun obsessed best friend Mike (Nick Frost) and Daisy’s fashionable friend Twist (Katy Carmichael).

The show’s clever writing, great cast and fantastic directing all work together to make it stand out from the mass produced sit-coms generally seen on television. Packed with pop culture references and increasingly surreal storylines, the show became an instant cult classic. In fact, some of the scenes have such a following that they are often re-enacted, such as this scene:

Just do a google search for “spaced finger gun battle” and I promise you will find some good stuff.

Spaced also marked the start of the fruitful working relationship between actor and writer Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright, who together went on to make the brilliant films Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Hot Fuzz (2007). In fact, the idea for Shaun of the Dead came about while filming this scene in Spaced.

Go out and get the DVD now if you are one of the poor people who have missed this great show! I promise you it is worth every penny. I leave you with another fantastic clip featuring Tires. Enjoy!

Love, Mari


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