You're not in Kansas anymore…

Tim Burton

This weeks hottie is the clever, the marvelous, the imaginative  Tim Burton.


Timothy William Burton is an American film director and the mastermind behind such films as The Nightmare Before Christmas:


Edward Scissorhands:


Big Fish:


and Corpse Bride:


Tim Burton began his carrier working for Disney. At first he worked on cartoons such as Todd and Copper, but this was not a success since he “just couldn’t draw cute foxes”. Disney recognized his talents however, and allowed him to work on his own projects, which resulted in the animated film Vincent (1982), which won several awards.


Tim favours the gothic and the fantastic and he often collaborates with composer Danny Elfman, who is also quirky and brilliant (he made the music for The Nightmare Before Christmas and has the singing voice of Jack Skellington).


Tim is married to the glorious Helena Bonham Carter who stars in many of his films, often with Johnny Depp, who is a good friend of them both. Tim has always been and will always be the odd one out in Hollywood’s film industry, something that makes him even more likeable in Vili Flik eyes.


He is one of the characters in the internet comic Nice Hair, together with Neil Gaiman and Robert Smith. You can find more about Tim Burton and his work here.

Love, Elin


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