You're not in Kansas anymore…

Yoshitaka Amano


One of my favorite artists is Yoshitaka Amano. The fantasy enthusiasts out there might have come across his work in comic books and computer games, such as Sandman and Final Fantasy.


Amano’s art is fantastic in every sense of the word. He is inspired by Art Nouveau, Pop Art and Ukiyo-e, which is the art of Japanese hand woodblock printing.


In 1999 he won the Bram Stoker award for his illustrations in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: The Dream Hunter, one of the most beautiful comic books I have ever read (and I’ve read a few).


One of the things that I really love about Amano’s art is the mixture of modern and traditional. One can tell that he is inspired by many different genres and ages.


I also love the pompous feeling to the pictures.


This year Amano established his own film production company; the Studio Deva Loka, and I can’t wait to see what wonders he will create there!

What do you think?

Love, Elin


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