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Fairytale Cupcakes

It’s time for Friday Feast again here at Vili Flik. If you, like us, are lucky enough to live in Trondheim, chances are you have heard of Fairytale Cupcakes. It is a small and glorious shop at Leutenhaven where they serve the most delicious cupcakes. Yesterday, Elin and Mari took on the daunting task of testing these cupcakes for your benefit. It was a hard job, but someone had to do it, and we gladly sacrifice ourselves to give you an insight into the wonderful world of Fairytale Cupcakes.

As mentioned, the shop is quite small, and it came as no surprise that by 2 PM on a Thursday, it was full. We left the ambience of the interior and took our cupcakes to go.

As it was (surprisingly) a sunny and rather warm day in the city, we found a park bench and sat down ready to feast on our hard earned spoils. Undoubtedly, the cupcakes looked inviting:

left to right: blueberry, lemon, mocha and apple & cinnamon

First to be ravaged was the lemon cupcake. It was topped with yellow cream and sprinkles. The test panel both agreed that it was indeed as delicious as it looked. The lemon cupcake is quite fresh, and it would serve well as a dessert after a meal. The cream topping is rather heavy, but the sourness of the lemon makes it seem less so than some of the other toppings. This cupcake is definitely recommended!

The second cupcake was the apple & cinnamon one. Our impression of this cupcake was that it is well suited for autumn, it is quite spicy and has real pieces of apple in it, just like an apple cake would have. It is not too sweet, although the topping is again quite heavy.

Now it was time to try the blueberry cupcake. After chomping down two cakes already, I have to admit that the test panel was quite full, but we were on a mission and would put the thought of our bursting stomachs aside in order to bring you this vital information. After a five minute break, we happily bit into the cake.

As expected, this cupcake was also delicious, filled with lots of blueberries as it was. The only drawback was that there was quite a lot of blueberry cream topping, which made it both difficult to eat and slightly too filling. However, with blueberry cream all over our faces, we did agree that had we not just had two other cupcakes, this would have been a lovely treat.

The final cupcake was the mocha. In my world, you cannot go wrong with a mixture of coffee and chocolate! I optimistically took the first bite. Again though, the decision to eat this one so late in the game may not have been the wisest we ever made…

The cupcake was indeed as delicious as the previous three, and I suspect it would have gone great with coffee or unsweetened tea. Still, our now immensely full stomachs were not quite ready for something this filling and chocolaty. The cupcake tasted, as promised, of chocolate and coffee, and the topping actually was not as rich as the blueberry one. We would definitely recommend this cupcake, but do not try it immediately after eating three other ones… Alone it would have been amazing, and had we tried this one first it might well have been a favourite of mine, fond as I am of coffee and chocolate.

We concluded that Fairytale Cupcakes is indeed a wonderful shop and their cupcakes are brilliant. We do, however, recommend eating only one at a time. They are rather heavy and by eating too many at a time, you will probably spoil the treat. Our winner of the day was the lemon cupcake, not only because it was the first we ate, but also because the taste was perfectly balanced between sweet and savoury and it had just the right amount of sweet lemon topping. A perfect cupcake by all standards.

We’ll leave you with the image of our cupcake box after we were done with our rampage:

So, what are you waiting for? It’s Friday, the day of sweet treats! If you are in Trondheim, run along to Leutenhaven and get yourself a delicious cupcake. If you are not, find another shop or make them yourself. Happy Friday, everyone!

Love, Mari


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  1. Annette

    Oh, oh, oh! I’ve never even heard of it, how can that be?? Mmmm, I will check it out TODAY! Yes, indeed I will.. Myeees..

    October 8, 2010 at 11:23 am

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