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Oscar de la Renta

Hi and welcome to another Designer Day! Today we’ll celebrate the genius of one of my favorite designers; Oscar de la Renta.


Oscar de la Renta is one of the world’s leading fashion designers. He worked for Lanvin and Elizabeth Arden before launching his own label in 1965. He was also offered a position with Christian Dior, but declined after advice from then Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, who said that if he started working for Dior, he would always be associated with that label. And aren’t we glad D. V. gave him such good advice so he could start for himself instead?! That was rhetorical – of course we are.



Big dresses and tons of glamour are part of de la Renta’s trademark – and part of why we love him. Seriously, if I had the wedding dress  seen above, I would wear it every day. His clothes are all so gloriously grand, and I imagine it is impossible not to feel beautiful in one of his dresses.

At this fall’s New York Fashion Week, Oscar de la Renta’s spring collection got great reviews. We at Vili Flik were not surprised and loved the entire collection. You can fall in love with his spring 2011 collection here.

Love, Hanna


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