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Your Questions Answered by The Ancient Ninja

Here at Vili Flik we have our own oracle, the Ancient Ninja. The Ancient Ninja is wise and ancient (!) and will do his best to answer any questions posted in the comments section.So far, we have had one question for him, sent in by Peggy from Kansas, and after a few weeks of mulling it over with some low quality sake, the Ancient Ninja has finally agreed to answer the question.  We have decided to print the entire question as it was posted as well as the Ancient Ninja’s answer in full. Please excuse his grammar and vocabulary, English is not his first language (nor is it his second, third, fourth or fifth…)

Hi, I’m Peggy.

Being that it is fall here in Kansas (I actually still am in Kansas, you see) I have noticed something strange. The leaves on the trees are changing color from green to red and yellow. And many of the trees seem to have gone kind of half and half, meaning that they turn yellow or whatever on one side and remain green on the other for much longer.

Dear Ancient Ninja – why is this? Why does not the leaves on the same tree change color around the same time? And how can they stay so systematically half and half? The question torments me every waking hour, please answer me.

Love, Peggy.

Most fanciful Peggy-san.

The Ancient Ninja understand your frustration. Seasons are mystical and change is magical. The Ancient Ninja wondered about this for many many long years. But now he understand nature and is at one with the world around him. Trees know that winter approach. All will soon be white. Trees do not like this. Trees want to be colourful. Trees want to show. Leaves decide to “go out with a bong” as you Americans say (and the Ancient Ninja do not). Leaves become red and yellow and orange and blue and purple and black and brown and silver and gold and glitter and shiny. Leaves become the colourful circle the dragons make on the heavens when it rains. Leaves are jealous of this circle. Leaves want to be seen. Leaves decide to be pretty. Leaves change colour. Some leaves do not want to be seen. Some leaves want to stay green because that is the true colour of leaves. Some leaves think all should stay the way it is. Green leaves do not like that other leaves change colour. Green leaves think red leaves slutty and stupid. Some leaves cannot decide. Some leaves want to stay green and also become red. Schizophrenic leaves change one side to red and stay green on other side. These leaves are stupid.

Leaves wither away

Photosynthesis make red

Schizophrenic leaves

Oracly yours,

the Ancient Ninja

If you would like your question answered by our ancient and wise oracle, please post them in the comment section.


3 responses

  1. Polka Heidi

    Guten tag nach Freiburg, Ancient Ninja!

    I’m Heidi and I recently joined a polkaplaying band. Our costumes while performing are polkadotted dresses, and when I was putting on my dress yesterday – I wondered, why oh why, do we call the dottie pattern polka dots? What do the dots have to do with polka music?

    Auf wiedersehn!

    October 5, 2010 at 10:57 am

  2. Annette

    I love the Ancient Ninja. He’s very wise for his age. I sometimes wonder if he’s a leaf, blowing in the wind. Or perhaps he is the tree.

    October 8, 2010 at 11:14 am

  3. muriel

    Dear Ancient Ninja!

    Are you still alive? It has been so very long since you have graced us with your wonderful words of wisdom, and my fear is that you, because of your ancientness, have ceased to exist all together.
    Please do not leave me murklins as to whether or not you still honour the world with your awsomeness!

    Yours truly
    Muriel Murklins

    November 14, 2010 at 9:13 pm

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